Rag2 knockout rat Sprague Dawley


Characteristics / Husbandry

  • 2 bp deletion within Exon 3 on chromosome 3
  • Homozygous Rag2 knockout rats display loss of RAG2 protein via Western blot
  • Homozygous Rag2 knockout rats show loss of B and T cells by FACS analysis

Availability: Live colony
Zygosity genotype: Homozygous

Rag2 knockout rats completely lack B and T cells, making them ideal immuno-compromised hosts for xenograft studies. In addition, the larger size of the rat makes performing sophisticated xenograft techniques and surgeries much simpler as compared to similar studies in a mouse.

Mature B and T cells are critical components for an adaptive immune system. Rats deficient in Rag2 protein produce no mature B or T cells. This non-leaky model for severe combined immune deficiency is useful for vaccine development, autoimmune and infectious diseases.

Infectious disease
Cancer metastasis
Inflammation - Autoimmune disorders
Thrombosis - Cardiac fibrosis
Vascular defects
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The Rag2 (Sprague-Dawley®) KO rat model was originally created at SAGE Labs, Inc. in St. Louis, MO and distributed out of the Boyertown, PA facility. The line continues to be maintained through the original SAGE Labs animal inventory acquired by Envigo.