7093 Teklad shredded aspen bedding

Product description

7093 Teklad shredded aspen bedding is made from 100% Great Lakes aspen wood. It makes an excellent contact bedding for rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs. 7093 Shredded aspen is not a by-product of some other manufacturing process. It is manufactured from pure aspen wood, specifically for use as a contact bedding, from aged virgin timber.

7093 Shredded aspen is a natural hardwood material, so it is a preferred alternative to softwood bedding materials such as pine. Also, unlike traditional hardwood chips, the random particle sizes of shredded aspen material give animals the ability to construct nests and burrows. This makes 7093 shredded aspen a good choice for use with breeding animals. In fact, 7093 shredded aspen is the bedding material that is most widely used in Envigo animal production barriers.

During production of 7093 shredded aspen, the product is exposed to temperatures of 1200 degrees fahrenheit for several minutes. These conditions reduce the moisture content of the finished product to approximately eight percent, and reduce harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Laboratory analysis of the finished product is performed quarterly, and provides information on potential contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, yeast and molds. The QC test results are available upon request.

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7093 Teklad Shredded Aspen is packaged in compressed 4.38 cubic foot autoclavable paper bales, each weighing 35 pounds, which expand to approximately nine cubic feet when opened.

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