Product description

    Envigo Teklad 7087C certified soft cobs enrichment bedding material is a special blend of our Teklad corncob bedding (1/4 inch, or 0.635 cm) and our Teklad diamond dry cellulose bedding products. This unique combination of these two high-quality bedding materials provides excellent absorbency, superior odor control, and environmental enrichment, all in one convenient package. Both internal and independent studies have demonstrated that laboratory mice will actively separate and utilize the two different components in soft cobs to construct nests.

    The corncob material permits improved airflow throughout the entire layer of bedding, allowing for increased evaporation of liquids. This aids in the reduction of ammonia. The particles of diamond dry cellulose bedding provide increased absorbency, and, more importantly, provide material that is used for constructing nesting areas within the cage unit. Nesting may improve breeding performance.

    Product features

    • Specifically engineered for superior performance when used in ventilated caging systems and isolators
    • Eliminates the need for adding additional enrichment or nesting materials
    • Lasts longer, saving labor costs
    • Flows readily in bulk bedding dispensing systems
    • Available in both autoclavable and in a certified and irradiated format
    • Non-certified soft cobs are also screened multiple times per year for potential contaminants


    • Teklad 7087C certified soft cobs is packaged in 25 pound (11.34 kg) autoclavable bags.
    • Teklad 7987C.25 certified and irradiated soft cobs are packaged in 25-pound (11.34 kg) cap sacs. The cap sac has a polyethylene liner contained within a multi-wall paper bag to ensure purity and integrity post irradation.


    *Edible enrichment items are a supplement to the diet and should never displace more than ten percent of the diet.

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