Product description

Envigo Teklad 7070C certified diamond dry is a premium, bright white contact bedding material made from pure cellulose paper. Highly defined and highly absorbent, the product is bright white in color to aid in observation of discharges. The overall dust content is very low for a refined white paper material and the bedding is also very absorbent, helping to minimize ammonia levels. The fluffier nature of this paper material allows for significantly more nesting than with traditional wood chip.

Product formats

Teklad 7070C certified diamond dry is monitored for quality and consistency throughout production, and the material is routinely certified for pesticides and heavy metals. It is a certified bedding, with certificates of analysis available on a per-lot basis. It is also available as irradiated (product cCodes 7970C.20 and 7970C.CS).

Product features

  • Highly-defined raw material
  • Premium white color
  • Ease of observation for health monitoring
  • Superior comfort and absorbency
  • Promotes nesting
  • Ammonia control
  • Dispenses easily, including via bulk and automated handling systems
  • Monitored for quality and consistency throughout production
  • Produced in a plant dedicated solely to production of lab animal bedding
  • Available as certified and/or irradiated


Teklad 7070C certified diamond dry cellulose bedding is packaged in 20 lb. (9.07 kg) autoclavable bags.


*Edible enrichment items are a supplement to the diet and should never displace more than ten percent of the diet.

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