Product description

Envigo Teklad 7089 diamond soft cellulose bedding  material is a unique laboratory animal bedding consisting of specially-processed hardwood paper pulp. This type of paper pulp is used extensively as a cellulose source in the manufacturing of many types of highly-absorbant consumer paper products.

Product features

  • Soft: Softest contact bedding material available, providing maximum animal comfort
  • Nestability: Animals nest and burrow in the material, providing excellent environmental enrichment; may help improve nesting and breeding performance
  • Bright white color: Improved animal observations
  • Highly absorbent/controls ammonia: Allows for reduced cage changes in many applications, and also requires less bedding per cage on a weight basis
  • Biosecurity: This extremely clean material is produced in a plant that is dedicated to the production of laboratory animal bedding products, in which maximum levels of quality control and vermin control are employed
  • Quality control: The non-certified 7089 is screened at least twice every year for potential contaminants, making it a very highly-defined material
  • Toxicology studies: The certified/irradiated version (7989C) is an excellent contact bedding choice for GLP toxicology studies, when alternatives to wire bottom cages are desired or required
  • Ease of disposal: Biodegradable and can be easily incinerated


  • Teklad 7089 diamond soft is packaged in 20 lb. (9.07 kg) autoclavable bags.
  • Teklad 7989C.20 certified/irradiated diamond soft, also 20 lbs. (9.07 kg), is packaged in a poly-lined inner cap sac inside a 3-ply protective paper bag, to insure purity and integrity.
  • Teklad 7989C.20 certified/irradiated diamond soft vacuum packages, 4 x 5 lb. (2.27 kg) packages per case.


*Edible enrichment items are a supplement to the diet and should never displace more than ten percent of the diet.

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