Our Teklad enrichment bedding products must meet the same high quality standards as all our Envigo products and services.

    • Our bedding combines excellent absorbency and odor control with environmental enrichment
    • The bedding is available in standard, certified, and irradiated formats
    • It is manufactured according to our strict quality standards
    • Some bedding is now manufactured by us in our new bedding plant in Wisconsin
    • Our suppliers are audited biannually for compliance
    • Our bedding products are tested routinely for microbiological and chemical contaminants
    • Many products have been tested and used by Envigo animal barriers
    • We distribute our bedding products through the same network of company owned and operated distribution centers we use to distribute our diets and enrichment products


    *Edible enrichment items are a supplement to the diet and should never displace more than ten percent of the diet.

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