Multiple surgical procedures can be performed on a single animal. Our most commonly requested model of multiple surgical procedures is a double catheterized rodent. A sample list of what Envigo can offer in double catheterized rodent models is below. We can also provide a catheter plus soft tissue surgical combination on a single animal.

If you require an unlisted combination or would like to request pricing, please contact veterinary sciences, research and support, at 800.473.6423, regarding the specific surgical services you require.


Dual catheterization models

  • Bile duct closed catheter loop and jugular vein
  • Carotid artery and jugular vein
  • Carotid artery and portal vein
  • Double jugular vein
  • Femoral artery and femoral vein
  • Jugular vein and femoral artery
  • Jugular vein and femoral vein
  • Jugular vein and portal vein


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