Cardiovascular micro-surgeries are complex and challenging surgeries. In order to perform survival heart surgery in a rodent model, it takes extensive training and practice to achieve a high-level of success.

Envigo has highly skilled and experienced surgeons with a track record of success and now offers specialized cardiovascular micro-surgeries on rat models. The services are offered from one of our AAALAC-accredited production facilities in North America.

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Envigo specializes in the myocardial infarction rat model. The procedure is completed by modifying the left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery to create a reduced ejection fraction (EF) of 40% or below. Envigo performs the myocardial infarction procedure consistently with minimal standard deviations of ejection fraction (EF) across all cohorts, and delivers acceptable models required with the avoidance of adhesions, infections, and lung damage.

Download our case study to learn about our success rates or contact us to discuss your specific study requirements.

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