Laboratory animal diets have been recognized as an important variable that can affect the responses of research models. That’s why researchers count on Teklad laboratory animal diets to ensure reliable, repeatable research results.

    From standard and specialized rodent diets to irradiated laboratory diets , see how the right diet choice can set your studies up for success. Our experienced nutritionists can evaluate your needs and work directly with you to help:

    • Provide sound nutrition for laboratory animals to meet any study objective
    • Determine the best formulation for your research purpose
    • Reduce non-nutritive compounds may influence phenotype
    • Inform your diet design based on your desired endpoints

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    Whether you need a life-stage specific diet with Teklad Global Diets® or Teklad custom research diets to control nutrients, induce disease, or dose models, you can:

      • Leverage our 40+ years of experience manufacturing laboratory animal diets
      • Benefit from our stringent ingredient procurement methods and ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities
    • Ensure that you minimize dietary confounding variables


    Learn more about the difference of a Teklad diet through an Envigo nutritionist consultation and see how investing time and effort in diet choice results in higher quality research and improved translatability from animal models to humans.

    Together, let’s answer your research questions and advance your studies.

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