As a researcher, you want to have as much control as possible over what goes into your study animals. At Envigo, we understand that. That is why we developed Teklad Global Rodent Diets® .

    Teklad Global Rodent Diets® are a special integrated range of vegetarian laboratory rodent diets developed to be nutritionally complete for various life stages from breeding through long-term maintenance. Global rodent laboratory diets contain levels of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals that are more appropriate to the needs of modern biomedical research studies.

    Furthermore, in global rodent diets particular attention has been placed on avoiding, as far as practical, ingredients that are reported to have adverse confounding effects on experimental results. This has resulted in a range of Teklad rodent laboratory diets that contain:

    • No fish meal
    • No meat meals or meat by-products
    • No alfalfa meal
    • No soybean meal or reduced levels
    • No animal fat

    By excluding animal by-products, the presence of nitrosamines (a potential carcinogen) is avoided. Exclusion of alfalfa meal reduces chlorophyll, improving optical imaging clarity. Reduction or removal of soybean meal, together with elimination of alfalfa meal, minimizes levels of naturally-occurring phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens interact with endogenous estrogens and potentially can affect studies in many research areas. Read more about this in these pieces:

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    Teklad rodent diets Non-autoclavable form Autoclavable Irradiated
    Teklad global 14% protein 2014, 2014C 2014S 2914
    Teklad global 16% protein 2016, 2016C 2016S 2916
    Teklad global 18% protein 2018, 2018C 2018S, 2018SX 2918
    Teklad global 19% protein extruded 2019 2019S 2919
    Teklad global soy protein-free extruded 2020X 2020SX 2920X
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    Not all products are stocked locally; extended lead time and additional fees may apply.
    Many diets are available in certified format designated by a “C” following the product code. When diets are certified a representative sample is tested for a panel of contaminants. If not stocked as certified, certification can be made available upon request. Minimum order size and additional charges may apply.

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