Teklad medicated lab animal diets are manufactured either at a subsidiary plant or at our custom research diet facility. Contact customer service or your local Envigo account representative for pricing and availability of stocked diets. Contact a nutritionist to discuss customized versions of these or other medicated diets.

    Medicated diets must be used as directed by a veterinarian.

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    Stocked medicated rodent diets

    Primary Purpose Product Code Medication Concentration Base diet Packaging
    Fur mite treatment TD.130755 Ivermectin 12 ppm 2018 25 lb bag- irradiated
    Pinworm treatment TD.01432 Fenbendazole 150 ppm 2018S 25 lb bag- irradiated* 50 lb bag- autoclavable
    Pneumocystis pneumoniaprevention TD.06596 Uniprim® 275 ppm trimethoprim 1365 ppm sulfadiazine 2018 25 lb bag- irradiated*

    Custom diets with Ivermectin, Uniprim®, and Fenbendazole are available. Modifications include: different base diet, coloring with food dyes, and other dosing concentrations based on your unique requirements. Contact a nutritionist to discuss your needs.

    Other medications and compounds such as doxycycline and tamoxifen may be added to diets at our custom research diet facility. Visit our custom research diets site or contact us for additional information.

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