Preconditioned models and services

Your important research program depends not only on the genetics of the animal model, but also their husbandry and diet specifics. Envigo’s experience with research animals extends beyond providing the animal model, but also considers the type of diet and bedding that are necessary for your research studies.

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Dedicated to supporting your research needs, Envigo’s preconditioned models and services provide you with the high quality you expect from a trusted partner.

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Envigo’s preconditioned models and services provide rodent models maintained on customer-specific diets within Envigo facilities prior to shipment. In addition to the requested custom diet, customers can specify the animal model, gender, age, time of project initiation, and length of diet maintenance prior to shipment. Additional services, such as surgical modification are also possible. All protocols are reviewed by the Envigo IACUC and are performed under an AAALAC accredited program.  Animals are shipped using Envigo environmentally-controlled vehicles.

There are many benefits to our Preconditioned Models and Services, including:

  • Animals are maintained on your special customized diets within Envigo’s maximum-security production barriers or isolators until shipment
  • Health and genetic integrity of your models are protected
  • Reallocation of labor and other institutional resources support your project
  • Development of in-house diet maintenance protocols is eliminated
  • The same diet can be fed after delivery to the customer

Cohorts of HsdBlu:LE rats, Hsd:SpragueDawley® SD® rats, C57BL/6NHsd mice, and other stocks and strains of Envigo's rodents can be maintained on custom research diets within our maximum-security production barrier and isolator facilities to meet your research needs.

For additional information or to learn more about these services, email our Veterinary Science, Research and Support team at technicalservices@envigo.com.

Envigo's nutritionists, in collaboration with requesting investigators, customize your research diets to adjust nutrients and achieve your experimental objectives.

Teklad custom research diets are designed for your specific research needs. Nutritionist consultation is a complementary service to help you identify a diet to meet your objectives.

Just like your team, our dedicated Envigo team works with passion to provide products and services that exceed the expectations of the global research community.

For technical questions, email our nutritional staff at askanutritionist@envigo.com.

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