The aging global population requires ongoing research into conditions of aging and therapies to address them. Envigo’s history of reliably providing appropriate animals to the research community positions us well to also serve our European and US customers with aged animal stock.

    Our aged animals receive the same careful treatment and maintenance, including custom diets and bedding, to ensure they are in appropriate conditions for your aging research program.

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    Our inventory of aged rats and mice for US and EU

    Cohorts of the below listed male rat and female mouse models are reserved monthly for aged animal inventory. Pricing of aged animals from the aging inventory is available upon request. If the requested aged animals are not available from our aging inventory, or require three or more months of maintenance prior to shipment, Envigo will age a reserved cohort of animals to accommodate client research requirements that include accounting for anticipated loss from natural attrition.

    United States


    • Hsd:SpragueDawley®SD®
    • F344/NHsd




    • C57BL/6JRccHsd

    Other models available for aging upon request, including C57BL/6NHsd mice.


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