Envigo has extensive experience in toxicology. We have a passion for science and for developing solutions to help you achieve your toxicology research goals. With research models, diets, bedding, and contract research services, we can support your toxicology research needs.

Selection of the appropriate research model, diet and services are key to completing studies with confidence.

  • Sprague Dawley® rat with NEW 104-week data, including growth curve, survival rates, complete blood count, organ weights, serum chemistry, and neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions.

  • RccHan®:WIST rat with more than 20 years of stable control data and 70% survival at 104 weeks of age. See the historical and current background data.

  • Teklad Global Diets® are fixed formula diets designed to reduce research variables. Use Teklad global rodent diet 2014 or 2016 (certified and non-certified) for toxicology studies. These diets have lower, more appropriate nutrient levels for rodents and are soy-, alfalfa-, and animal by-product-free to reduce research variables.

  • Surgical services — Our surgical units offer multiple surgical procedures, including catheterizations and soft tissue surgeries.

  • Contract research services — RccHan®:WIST is the model of choice for studies in our contract research laboratories. Envigo has a full range of non-clinical research studies for the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and agrochemical industries.

[Data sheet] Historical control data for RccHan:WIST rats

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