Maintaining the genetic integrity of your research models is essential to minimize variability and improve reproducibility in your research experiments. At Envigo, we manage our models under the Genetic Integrity Assurance Program, which represents the most comprehensive and transparent program in the industry.

    • Robust colony management: Rely on our industry-standard breeding schemes along with robust operational procedures and internal quality auditing to minimize the genetic divergence of your models.

    • Genetic monitoring program: Benefit from our extensive Genetic Monitoring Program and gain a transparent view of our operations.

    • Genetic drift management program: Trust in a more consistent model as we address the natural mechanism of cumulative genetic drift with a routine colony refreshing program.

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    It’s important to fully understand how a laboratory animal vendor ensures genetic integrity to maintain quality control. Learn more about how our three-tiered strategy supports high quality standards in our rodent models.

    For further information, please download our Genetic Integrity Program brochure .


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