A major advantage of Envigo biological products is that they are collected from our own laboratory animals. Envigo has a worldwide reputation as a producer of the highest quality laboratory animals of which specific strains of species are also available.

    The animals are raised under closely defined conditions to ensure consistent high quality products. Rodents and rabbits are raised in strict barrier conditions, which are monitored on a regular basis for pathogens (based on the FELASA recommendations 2014, Mähler et al.). Dogs, are maintained as closed genetically controlled colonies and their health status is monitored regularly.

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    All animals are fed a controlled Teklad natural-ingredient diet. Standard diets, close attention to production, and good health care minimise lot-to-lot variation. The availability of a large supply of commercially bred stock allows us to be more responsive to customer requirements for quality and quantity. In addition to these commercially bred animal species, we have further access to chickens and turkeys for supply of different blood products.

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    When you work with Envigo, you can be confident that through our experience, we ensure consistent and reliable products for research and industry.

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