Diets with tamoxifen activate CreER

Several references cite use of tamoxifen-containing diets for models with Cre under the control of a mutated estrogen receptor. Envigo Teklad diets makes a variety of tamoxifen-containing diets customized to meet your research needs. We also make a variety of doxycycline-containing diets for tet regulated systems. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to consult a nutritionist.

Teklad stocks tamoxifen and tamoxifen citrate

Tamoxifen is added to the diet as a tamoxifen-sucrose mixture. Users are encouraged to use the stocked supply. However, Teklad will continue to work with customer prepared mixes. If you choose this option, please consult a nutritionist for additional information about preparing and sending the mixture.

Users are encouraged to select from the stocked options below supply readily available to ship within days.

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Teklad offers diet with USP grade tamoxifen and tamoxifen citrate

mg per kg diet
Daily tamoxifen
mg per kg body weight1
Diet code (Teklad supplied tamoxifen) Diet code (Teklad supplied tamoxifen)
Natural colored Red
250 40 TD.130855 TD.130856
500 80 TD.130857 TD.130858
400 citrate2 40 TD.130859 TD.130860 3

1 Assumes 20-25 g body weight and three-four g intake
2 Tamoxifen citrate is 66% tamoxifen
3 Referred to as TAM400/CreER in Europe (TD.55125 )

Please add 5-10 day lead time for irradiated diets; minimum 3 kg orders are required for stocked and customized items.

These diets all have tamoxifen premixed with ~five percent sucrose as a palatability enhancer; however, feed aversion may still occur. If intake is a problem, see below for advice.

Teklad Global 2016 — base diet in these examples — is only one of several minimal phytoestrogen diets Teklad produces. Consult a nutritionist about use of other base diets.

If you have any questions regarding tamoxifen diets, please don’t hesitate to contact a nutritionist at

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