You are sensitive to the welfare of your research subjects, and that means your approach to surgery takes into consideration many factors related to their comfort and humane handling.

As your partner in animal research, Envigo is aware that replacement, reduction and refinement (the three R's) play an important role in modern biomedical research. Surgery on small laboratory animals is an area in which we are continuing to improve the quality of procedures and techniques to achieve those objectives. Therefore, Envigo has expanded our European capacity for responsibly producing surgically prepared animals.

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Our surgical experts can offer advice on refining surgical models and peri-operative care in different research areas, discuss alternatives or replacements for techniques and surgical equipment or implants and through our ethical review we are dedicated to using the least number of animals necessary to achieve the objectives of your study.


Alternatively our surgical team can come to work at your surgical suite. This option may suit customers with short timelines, or specific surgical models that cannot easily be transported, or where the customer holds their own breeding colony. Please contact use for details.

Envigo surgical modified animals contribute to the three R’s principle: “good welfare is good science”.


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