Envigo’s logo was designed to underline key qualities that distinguish our company. We have chosen plus signs (++++) as the dominant feature of our logo as we are an optimistic company working in a positive and collaborative manner with our customers and each other. The results of our work are constructive. We contribute to making the world a better, healthier and safer place.

    The research of Envigo’s customers develops products that enhance and enrich life. However, achieving a product’s potential is highly challenging. The three dark gray plus signs represent those challenges.

    We, with our customers, are disciplined and tenacious in our efforts to conduct research and develop products until they succeed — turning the last plus sign green +. But we go further. Beyond representing positivity and collaboration with our customers, the green Envigo plus sign also stands for:

    • Persistence until we get it right
    • Close communication with our customers
    • Discipline and hard work to help customers achieve their goals
    • The challenges our customers face on a daily basis

    It is a simple logo but it means so much. It inspires us and brings us together as one company supporting our customers and their essential work. Together we make a constructive contribution to the welfare of people, animals and the environment.
    We are stronger together — our sum is greater than our individual parts.

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