Traditional rodent diets

Traditional rodent diets were formulated decades ago based on understanding of rodent nutrition, ingredients, and diet manufacturing at the time. While traditional diets will supply the known nutrient needs of your laboratory animals, we recommend you consider the use of a diet from our newer Teklad Global Rodent Diet® line for your modern research needs.

Teklad traditional rodent diets Non-autoclavable form Autoclavable Irradiated
Teklad 4% fat mouse/rat diet 7001    
Teklad 6% fat mouse/rat diet 7002    
Teklad S-2335 mouse breeder sterilizable diet   7004 7904
Teklad LM-485 mouse/rat sterilizable diet   7012 7912
NIH-31 Modified Open Formula Mouse/Rat sterilizable diet   7013 7913
NIH-31 Open formula mouse/rat sterilizable diet   7017 7917
NIH-07 Mouse/rat diet 7022   7922
Teklad low salt mouse/rat sterilizable diet   7034  
Teklad rodent diet 8904, 8604, 8728C    
Teklad mouse breeder diet 8626    
Teklad 22/5 rodent diet 8640    
Teklad sterilizable rodent diet   8656 7956
Teklad F6 rodent diet 8664   7964
Not all products are stocked locally; extended lead time and additional fees may apply.
Many diets are available in certified format designated by a “C” following the product code. When diets are certified a representative sample is tested for a panel of contaminants. If not stocked as certified, certification can be made available upon request. Minimum order size and additional charges may apply.