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Exteriorization utilizing PinPort™

The PinPort™, manufactured by Instech, provides fast, aseptic access to externalized rodent catheters for dosing or blood sampling. It can reduce study costs and improve compliance with the 3Rs. The system consists of a lightweight port (just three mm in diameter and 0.1g in length) and mating injectors. Port can be accessed via sterile injectors hundreds of times.

  • Quick. Infuse or withdraw from the catheter in a fraction of the time it takes with plugs and blunt needles.
  • Clean. The PinPort™ is a closed system that permits aseptic technique. This can reduce infection, improve patency and ultimately reduce the number of animals required for a study.
  • Safe. The injector is recessed and provides complete needle stick protection for personnel.

Envigo is able to provide catheterized animals with a PinPort™ replacing the sterile stainless steel plug at the exteriorized end of the catheter. Envigo has developed an anchoring method for the PinPort™ whereby normal healing of the animal’s dorsal exit incision does not affect security and integrity of catheter. Animals must be singly housed.

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In a 35-day study done with JVCs performed on 250g Sprague Dawley®SD® males, Envigo achieved:

  • 90% complete patency (able to aspirate and to flush in) at day 31
  • 60% complete patency, 20% partial patency (flush in only) at day 35 (study ended at day 35)

Demonstration models available — Please contact Envigo Customer Service for a sample of up to two surgical animals.

All Envigo catheterizations currently sealed with a sterile stainless steel plug at the exteriorized end can now be performed using Instech’s PinPort™ for an additional charge (to include the PinPort and injectors only for use during surgery and shipping).

For your convenience, Envigo can ship with the surgical animals packs of 5 sterile injectors for your use in flushing maintenance. Please contact Envigo Customer Service for pricing, and contact Instech to purchase the additional injectors you will need in quantity.

PinPort™ is a trademark of Instech Laboratories, Inc., Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, USA.


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