In vitro monoclonal antibody production

Sometimes, in vivo antibody production is undesirable or impractical, but you can rely on Envigo for the expertise and capacity to provide in vitro antibody production when it is the best choice. Envigo can produce research on cGMP grade antibodies to meet a variety of regulatory needs.

We perform in vitro monoclonal antibody production in several different cell culture production systems such as tissue culture bags and hollow fiber antibody production bioreactor technology. Our cell culture production systems provide highly concentrated supernatants with very low levels of contaminating proteins and endotoxins. Our highly qualified staff has been producing antibody in hollow fiber production bioreactor systems for more than 15 years utilizing both cGLP and cGMP documentation.

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Our staff has the expertise to work with your specific cell line to optimize the production of your antibody. Optimization can include media formulation, methods development, process optimization, and/or validation strategies. Your antibody can be produced without the use of animal derived products, if desired. As with all our projects, we can also utilize any optimization procedure you have perfected at your facility. We are also able to perform in vitro monoclonal antibody production with varying capacities using hybridoma cell lines, CHO cells, 293 expressed proteins and others.

For information and research data, complete and return our in vitro antibody production information sheet.

By working together, we can supply a steady stream of antibody to meet your demanding development schedules. Our staff will perform a 30-day evaluation/optimization run utilizing the appropriate documentation for your regulatory needs. During the optimization run, we welcome your involvement in the evaluation of the resulting antibody, and allow you the opportunity to extend the run to produce additional antibody.

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When you work with Envigo, you can be confident that through our experience, we ensure consistent and reliable products for research and industry.

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At Envigo, we are dedicated to helping you secure the potential of your product by providing you with a comprehensive selection of research animals. Our experts are ready to assist you.

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