Mouse antibody production (MAP) testing

Viral contaminants can mean the end of your research.  But a trusted MAP test can allow you to avert any number of potential roadblocks. At Envigo, you can feel confidence that your research models will be tested accurately for the full panel of mouse adventitious viruses. Envigo is one of the world’s leading CROs specializing in breeding and testing to the rigid research and development specifications of the biopharmaceutical industry.

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Mouse antibody production (MAP) testing requires about 25 x 106 cells.

Three groups of mice will be inoculated:

1) Cell suspension undiluted

2) Cell suspension diluted 1:5

3) Controls which are sham inoculated with PBS 

Each mouse will be inoculated by the intraperitoneal and intranasal routes.  The mice are examined once a day for 28 days for signs of disease or mortality.

Twenty-eight days after inoculation, the test animals and the control animals will be bled.  The test sera and control sera are tested for antibody.

NOTE: PCR testing is also available upon request.

The standard panel includes testing the following agents:

  • MHV
  • Polyoma
  • Sendai
  • MVM
  • Parvovirus NS-1
  • PVM
  • LCM
  • Hantaan
  • REO 3
  • K Virus
  • MCMV
  • Ectromelia
  • EDIM (Rotavirus)
  • MPV
  • LDEV
  • MTV
  • MAD1
  • (M. Pulmonis [culture]/serology)

o The panel can be expanded, as an option, to include the following:

  • MAD 2
  • ECUN
  • MNV

o Expanded LCM testing can also be provided as an option.

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