Cryopreservation (embryo and sperm)

You want to preserve the integrity of your research colony’s genetic lineage, but you don’t have the capacity, time, resources or desire to maintain it until some undefined future date. That’s understandable, particularly as the number of genetically altered lines developed and maintained for research in animal facilities continually increases. Laboratories often develop their own strains that are genetically modified for specific purposes. The challenge is that your high value strains often result in continued maintenance even though you may not need them for long periods. Besides, such maintenance may produce excess animals and can be expensive, too.

You can avoid these consequences. By utilizing Envigo’s cryopreservation service, you can:

  • Eliminate maintenance of colonies to sustain available research models
  • Reallocate production space and associated resources to other areas of research priority
  • Preserve the genetic integrity of research models for future colony development
  • Provide insurance against physical, genetic, and pathologic disasters
  • Harvest early stage embryos
  • Preserve a specific number of embryos dependent upon your requirements
  • Store embryos in two geographically separate locations (or we can return all the material to you for preservation)

Please download our cryopreservation leaflet or our full brochure on contract breeding services for additional information.

For pricing information concerning these services, please fill out our questionnaire or contact us at contractbreeding.eu@envigo.com.

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