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NCI grantee pricing

Price match and other offers available.

Like you, Envigo has recently learned of the discontinuation of the National Cancer Institute’s Animal Production Program as of 12 September 2014. As a trusted global supplier of animal research models, Envigo is ready and able to assist you during this time of transition.

The work you do is important, and Envigo knows an unexpected change in the cost of doing your research causes concern. To support you, we are implementing a program specific to NCI grantees.

Envigo’s offer includes:

  • NCI pricing on equivalent Envigo models and services for NCI grantees through 31 December 2018 (access our NCI grantee price list); price includes freight and container
  • Air freight, if applicable, billed separately at quoted rates
  • Bridging study animals provided at no cost (subject to Envigo’s standard procedures)

Because of Envigo’s extensive network of production facilities, you may find Envigo is now your local supplier, able to offer alternate days of delivery to your facility via our Envigo-owned fleet of environmentally-controlled vehicles. See our Envigo’s production locations.

Please review our list of Envigo models and services for NCI grantees. Health status reports for Envigo models are always available here on our website.

Learn about all Envigo models and services via our product guide. For Envigo models not in our NCI grantee price list, Envigo offers a new customer 50% discount on standard list price on first orders (learn more on our grant promotion program).

Our customer service representatives (at CSDorders@envigo.com, or 800.793.7287) and your Envigo Account Representative look forward to supporting you.

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