ACI Inbred Rat


Characteristics / Husbandry

  • Haplotype: RT1av1
  • Coat: Black Agouti, with white belly and feet
  • Litter average: 6.0
  • Poor reproductive performance and low litter size due to high in-utero mortality
  • High incidence of congenital malformations including renal agenesis, hypoplasia, hydronephrosis or cystic kidney, unilateral, that may be associated with ipsilateral defective uterine horn or testis
  • High incidence of testicular tumors
Research Use & Related Publications
Estrogen-induced pituitary growth
Transplant immunology
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Derived from a nucleus colony obtained from Dr. A. Segaloff’s colony at the Ochsner Medical Center, Jefferson, Louisiana.

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