tdTomato reporter knockin rat


Characteristics / Husbandry

  • Background strain: Long Evans Hooded

Availability: Live colony
Zygosity genotype: Homozygous

This model possesses the fluorophore tdTomato, sitting behind a floxed stop codon in the Rosa26 locus under control of the CAG promoter. By introducing Cre-recombinase through viral transduction or crossing with one of our Cre-driver rats, tdTomato fluorescence will be observed anywhere Cre- is expressed. The tdTomato Reporter rat is useful for applications requiring tissue specific expression, including optogenetics and breeding with Cre-driver lines.

Expression of td
Tomato fluorescence when Cre-recombinase is introduced
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The tdTomato Reporter KI rat model was originally created at SAGE Labs, Inc. in St. Louis, MO and distributed out of the Boyertown, PA facility. The line continues to be maintained through the original SAGE Labs animal inventory acquired by Envigo.