Parvalbumin-Cre knockin rat


Characteristics / Husbandry

  • Background strain: Long Evans Hooded
  • Cre recombinase driven by endogenous Paravalbumin promoter
  • No observed ectopic expression of cre
  • Targeted insertion eliminates possible gene disruption that may occur in random insertion technologies such as BAC

Availability: Live colony
Zygosity genotype: Homozygous

This model expresses cre-recombinase under the control of the endogenous paravalbumin (Pvalb) promoter enabling specific expression in inhibitory neurons. This model possesses a targeted insertion of (IRES)-cre immediately after the translational stop in the open reading frame of Pvalb. The Paravalbumin-Cre rat is useful for applications requiring tissue specific expression, including optogenetics and breeding with transgenic floxed lines.

Expression/knockout of floxed genes
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The Parvalbumin-Cre KI rat model was originally created at SAGE Labs, Inc. in St. Louis, MO and distributed out of the Boyertown, PA facility. The line continues to be maintained through the original SAGE Labs animal inventory acquired by Envigo.