NMRI nude mice


Characteristics / Husbandry

  • B-cells function normal
  • Coat: Albino
  • Dysfunctional rudimentary thymus
  • Foxn1nu/Foxn1+ heterogygotes do not show partial expression of the nu phenotype
  • Litter Average: 7
  • No generation of cytotoxic effector cells
  • No graft versus host response
  • Phenotypically hairless (sparse, intermittent hair growth possible)
  • T-cell deficient
  • The nu allele on chromosome 11 is an autosomal recessive mutation
Tumor Cell Growth
Autoimmune disease
Antibody production
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Derived from a nucleus colony obtained from the Laboratory Animals Centre, Carshalton, UK. To TNO-CPB (now Envigo) in 1972.

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