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Oncology model sampling program (applies to Europe/UK only)

At Envigo, we share in your dedication to oncology research.

Envigo oncology rodent models offer:

  • Proven performance in tumor uptake and growth
  • Comprehensive quality monitoring program
  • Breeding and maintenance on Teklad Global Diets®
  • Global availability

To help facilitate and support the model selection for your research project, click here to view our short model selection process. Next, go to cell line references to find proven Envigo models with extensive references. Matching your cell line to a rodent model is easier with the Envigo cell line reference tool. When you select your tissue of interest and the cell line, Envigo's online tool displays the Envigo models, as well as links to peer-reviewed publications by cancer researchers around the world.

To receive information about a sample* for evaluation, complete our sample request form below.

*Sample qualification required by Envigo representative. Valid for new customers who have not ordered the requested model for the previous six months. Subject to current model availability. Promotion excludes filtered containers, transportation, and (air) freight charges. Offer valid until December 31, 2019.


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