We share your belief in the important role that vaccines play in population health whether for infants, school age children, defense workers or the elderly. At Envigo, we are united with you in securing the potential for eradicating devastating diseases and preventing epidemics.  If you want evidence of our commitment to vaccine development, look no further than our more than 25 years of experience helping customers test and bring new vaccines to market. We have worked with more than 250 vaccines products in over 500 studies, and more than 50 DNA vaccines in over 150 studies.

Because the vaccine industry is a growing opportunity around the globe, you want an experienced partner at your side helping you understand and respond to needs as they arise so you can act quickly and appropriately. Your science helps people stay healthy which is why we are in the business of supporting you.

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  • Vaccine development consultancy and advice
  • In vitro and in vivo discovery immunogenicity and efficacy studies
  • GLP compliant non-clinical safety assessment
  • Biodistribution studies utilizing RT-PCR for live
  • cGMP batch release and stability testing
  • Clinical PK, immunogenicity and biomarker services
  • Clinical study services
  • Regulatory affairs

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