Advanced therapies

Each patient is different, and because of what we know about genetics we can now identify and develop more individualized therapies. You are working on the leading edge of personalized medicine, and that means you need an ally in your endeavors who is living on the edge of genetic science, too. At Envigo, we have spent the last 20 years working with customers like you testing gene therapies across a number of therapeutic areas. We are as committed as you are to meeting the future of cures in the work we do today.

In the last decade we have helped develop over 30 gene products and ten cell therapies in more than 90 studies. Our Envigo team is currently working on projects from early formulation development through commercial release delivering cell-based cures to patients around the world. When science and medicine meet their next breakthrough in gene therapy, we are there to support you.

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  • Molecular potency assays
  • Chromatographic methods
  • Full range of physiochemical, cell, and molecular biology
  • Non-clinical safety assessment
  • cGMP batch release and stability
  • Clinical immunogenicity services
  • Clinical study services
  • Regulatory affairs

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