Therapeutic modalities

Therapeutic product development is a catch all term for many different product types, or therapeutic modalities, used to treat and cure disease.  At Envigo we work on many different therapeutic products for human and veterinary disease.  The most well know of these are small molecular weight drugs, often called new chemical entities (NCEs), but our experience and technical knowhow does not stop there, we also test a wide range of biopharmaceutical drugs such as recombinant proteins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, RNA and DNA based oligonucleotides.  Vaccines also form an important part of our business; live attenuated vaccines, killed and subunit vaccines that stimulate a wide range of immune responses to treat and protect against many diseases including infectious disease and cancer.  At Envigo we have also worked at the forefront in developing advanced therapies including cell and gene therapies and other regenerative medicines. 

All of these different classes of product are as relevant in veterinary medicine as they are in human health and we can work with all of these therapeutic classes in our veterinary business.

Finally, at Envigo we work with many medical devices used in human and veterinary medicine, each with their own regulatory challenges that our teams of technical staff and scientists can assit in navigating through to the marketplace.

We are also familiar with testing drug/biologic, drug/device and biologic / device combination products.

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