At Envigo, radiosynthesis is an integral part of the metabolism service offering. The group has extensive experience in synthesis of small molecule radiolabeled drugs, crop protection products and other chemicals via conventional synthetic chemistry routes.

By combining our wider experience in the use of labeled compounds in metabolism and pharmacokinetics studies and organic synthesis we are able to propose an appropriate option to the customer for the radio-labeling position and devise a bespoke synthetic route (if required) to yield a certified final product.

The main isotopes used at Envigo are:

  • Carbon-14,
  • Tritium (H-3), and
  • Sulfur-35

Any synthesis projects are coordinated with the pre-clinical study to ensure the test item is available at the time it is required whether it be a single study or a package of work, thus minimizing the risk of radiolytic degradation on storage before use.  Compounds can be synthesized for use at Envigo or as a custom synthesis service for supply directly to the customer at an alternative location.

Envigo also offers sub-contracted synthesis of internal standards (eg stable labeled) and reference metabolites for confirmation of the identity of components detected during metabolism studies.

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