Program management

A good program manager will pull through your drug development program on time and within budget. A great program manager does it with an ease and confidence that leaves you smiling. Envigo has more than 20 years of experience in successfully managing drug development programs. Our dedicated and experienced program managers understand the regulatory requirements and challenges of drug development. Beyond that, we know that good project management is just as much about good communications, personal relations, flexibility and responsive customer service as it is about technical knowledge.

At Envigo, our program managers have the expertise and experience to respond to the challenges of a changing drug development paradigm and instill confidence across the team while doing it.

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  • Translation of a customer’s development strategy into study plans and schedules
  • Leadership of internal progress and strategy meetings
  • Attendance and presentation at customer’s project team meetings, if requested
  • Effective translation/transition from non-clinical to clinical phase
  • Maintenance of comprehensive information on development plan - provision of advice and support to Envigo colleagues
  • Timeline management
  • Overview of financial aspects of program

Our program managers gained their experience in the pharma, biopharma and/or CRO industries. Their backgrounds mean that they have vast experience in the management of multidisciplinary programs of work specifically for the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. When they have a question, they can call on our global network of experts. Also, and just as importantly, our program managers specifically are chosen for their knowledge in the financial aspects of program development because we take the phrase “on time and within budget” very seriously.

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