Surgical capabilities

With a seemingly infinite number of options for developing a surgical model, where do you begin?  Choosing the right model is critical to getting the most out of your surgical exploration and you need a partner who not only has vast surgical expertise, but a focus on you and meeting your specific objectives.  Whether you are looking for routine infusion catheter implantation or complex, customer-specific model development projects, Envigo supports you with a team of expert surgeons, veterinarians, and scientists who collaborate with you from initial inquiry through to completion.  Through our specialized model development services and in-house expertise, we strive to develop bespoke models and novel techniques that achieve your experimental goals.

A majority of our surgical work is conducted in rodent models, large animals, dogs, pigs (both minipigs and conventional pigs), sheep, and primates but our experience also includes rabbit and non-standard models as well. 

Our surgical services include the following:

  • Experienced surgical study directors and pathologists
  • GLP facilities for surgical projects
  • Customer-specific and novel surgical model development
  • Imaging capabilities include endoscopy, ultrasonography and radiography
  • Routine infusion and telemetry models
  • Left ventricular pressure (LVP) and epicardial lead placement
  • Major and minor surgical procedures
  • Medical devices
  • Wound healing studies
  • Orthopedic models
  • Anesthetized dosing and sampling techniques
  • Anesthetic safety evaluation
  • Surgically prepared disease models and management
  • Full-service laboratory facilities available to support surgical studies and visiting surgeons
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Envigo has a versatile and experienced staff consisting of veterinary surgeons, certified/licensed surgeons and veterinary nurses with years of experience working in a research environment.  We have a global team of experienced scientists dedicated to providing you with high quality scientific data and expert advice. Additionally, our in vivo testing is in AALAAC accredited or equivalent facilities supported by experienced veterinary teams.

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