Infusion safety assessment

Test substance administration via the infusion route requires a specialized team that understands your formulation and can partner with you to develop the optimal study design.  Our team of dedicated toxicologists, scientists and technical staff has many years of experience with infusion administration, and you can be confident that your program will be conducted with the utmost skill and attention to detail, from project planning through to reporting.

Intravenous infusion delivery in all the major preclinical species is routine in our laboratories, ranging from several minutes per occasion to 24 hours per day continuous delivery. If you are looking for creative solutions to your complex programs, Envigo is here to support you. 

Our infusion toxicology services include the following

  • Experienced infusion toxicologists, pharmacists, technical staff and pathologists
  • Ambulatory, syringe, volumetric and implantable infusion pumps
  • Surgical and non-surgical models
  • Ambulatory or restrained delivery available in rodents, dogs, primates, minipigs and sheep
  • Intravenous, intrathecal, subcutaneous and other specialized infusion sites
  • Hemocompatibility studies (hemolytic potential and plasma compatibility)
  • Compatibility of formulation with administration equipment
  • Development of novel infusion methods to meet customer needs
  • Anesthetic safety evaluation
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We have a global team of experienced surgical specialists and scientists dedicated to providing you with high quality scientific data and expert advice. Additionally, our in vivo testing is conducted in GLP and AAALAC accredited facilities supported by experienced veterinary teams.

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