Hepatotoxicity (Drug Induced Liver Injury)

Drug Induced Liver Injury (DILI) is the number one cause of safety-related drug withdrawal post-market and so the early detection of molecules that may exhibit DILI is crucial. Envigo are highly experienced in using a range of techniques that can help identify potential hepatotoxicity at an early stage in the development of your compound(s). This can be of particular importance for highly lipophilic drugs that have an intended dose of greater than 50 mg to humans.

  • Covalent / irreversible binding assessment
  • Reactive metabolite(s) trapping
  • TDI of CYP enzymes

At Envigo, our senior scientists will help design your in vitro studies to create a custom programme, tailored to meet your precise requirements.  We can use information from other DMPK-focused programmes conducted at Envigo, for example animal ADME programmes, to assess overall the DDI/MIST/DILI risk/status of your compound.

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