Small molecule bioanalysis

Bioanalysis is a pivotal aspect of all drug development whether you are focused on your product’s pharmacodynamics or conducting toxicokinetic/pharmacokinetic evaluation. With so much riding on the future of your product, you need a trusted partner who has both a full suite of bioanalytical services and the expertise to ensure your method development is flawless. With over 35 years experience in the US and Europe, Envigo offers you a full range of analytical support ranging from characterized assays to meet pre-GLP lead optimization needs, to feasibility, method development, method transfer, method validation and sample analysis.

Our small molecule bioanalytical services include the following:

  • LC-MS/MS bioanalysis of small molecules
  • Bioanalytical support form discovery to phase III/IV
  • Small molecule pharmacodynamic (biomarker) bioanalysis
  • LC-MS/MS bioanalysis of peptides
  • Non-GLP PK screening and PK/PD lead optimization
  • Proof of concept
  • Toxicokinetic studies
  • Veterinary drug development analyses
  • Tissue expertise
  • Clinical studies (especially fast turnaround phase I SAD & MAD)
  • Microsomal blood/plasma partitioning
  • in vitro metabolism study support (e.g. caco-2 and plasma protein binding)
  • in vivo DMPK support such as PK, ADME and mass balance studies
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Envigo’s bioanalytical teams comprise a global resource of dedicated experts to small molecule bioanalysis, many of whom are active members in various industry committees and consensus reports. You can be confident that every Envigo scientist is dedicated to the development, transfer, validation or qualification of your product according to the intended use of the method, either for PK/TK or biomarker analysis.  Beyond expertise, though, our teams strive to secure the potential for your product by providing you with proactive partnership, responsiveness, and a commitment to helping you achieve your goals.

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