Understanding the pharmacokinetics of your drug is critical its development, and generating early reliable pharmacokinetic data can significantly impact the outcomes of your research & development project. 

At Envigo, we strive to help you quickly make the most out of your pharmacokinetic data with our team of scientists experienced in meeting the rapid and ever changing priorities and challenges of discovery PK.  Our team of discovery pharmacokinetic study directors is committed to providing you with unmatched customer service, responsive to your needs as your single point of control who works closely with you from study initiation to data generation.

Our discovery PK services

  • Abbreviated or full PK design
  • Dedicated or rental non-rodent (dog, primate and minipig) colonies
  • Cassette dosing
  • Flexible scheduling and rapid turnaround of results
  • Integrated bioanalytical support
  • Automated data transfer

Real-time updates and lean processes ensure fast study starts and rapid turnaround (typically five days from receipt of compound to generation of PK parameters). Our team of pharmacokineticists is your resource, providing experience with small molecules, proteins and peptides.

The future of inhaled medications and inhalation technology

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