In vivo discovery pharmacology

Your research partner needs to understand your vision. That is why you place a strong emphasis on working closely with your CRO to develop appropriate or ‘fit-for-purpose’ study designs to meet your key objectives. With our emphasis on communication, Envigo can work with you in lock step on your path to drug discovery.

Envigo has been a full service provider of pharmacology studies for more than a generation with general and safety pharmacology experience.  We not only have a strong historical focus on the science and technologies associated with safety assessment, we also have fully developed capabilities in specific areas of discovery, including in vivo lead optimization and early phase safety assessment.

You are looking not only for expertise, but also for a service that is organized, efficient and flexible, ensuring reliable support and advice in your study designs. Our staff of 30 scientists has extensive experience in the field of in vivo pharmacology both within the pharmaceutical and CRO industries, so we understand your business imperatives as well as your scientific and technical concerns.

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  • When you partner with us, you can trust we have the knowledge to perform both non-regulated lead optimization models and regulatory safety pharmacology studies
  • We have an excellent record in developing new methods and bespoke study designs
  • Our experience encompasses the use of multiple species including rodents and larger animals, as well as the evaluation of an extremely diverse set of test materials
  • We have performed more than 150 efficacy and disease model studies in multiple species for a number of therapeutic targets and we continue to expand our areas of expertise

Search below to see the diversity, strength and depth of our offerings, including the areas of respiration and inflammation.

Our respiratory inflammation services:

  • The house dust mite model of chronic allergic inflammation (mouse)
  • Antigen-induced pulmonary inflammation (ovalbumin sensitized brown Norway rat mouse or guinea pig)
  • LPS induced non-allergic pulmonary inflammation (mouse, rat, guinea pig; also primate in our US facility)
  • Cigarette smoke-induced pulmonary inflammation (mouse)
  • Bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis (rat)
  • Bronchoconstriction/ bronchodilator studies in conscious and anesthetized animals (rodent, guinea pig and dog)
  • All standard routes of delivery available
  • Inhalation delivery optional
    • Extensive capabilities and experience
    • Aerosol and dry powder
    • Unique in-house developed system for dry powder delivery using small amounts of test material

Our gastrointestinal services:

  • Emesis / anti-emesis (ferret)
  • GI motility (rodent; large animal planned for development)
  • IBD models (rodent; primate planned for development)
  • Feeding / dietary models (rodent)

Our anti-infective services:

  • Wound healing (+/- MRSA infection) (rodent, rabbit, pig)
  • Influenza - tissue burden and biomarker endpoints
  • Host resistance

Our cardiovascular services: 

  • Heamodynamics and electrocardiology (rodent and large animal)
  • Echocardiography in development for rodent and large animals
  • Ion channel electrophysiology

Bioanalysis and biomarker (translational) assessment

Our full range of biomarkers for assessment of inflammation endpoints:

  • Flow cytometry (sysmex) for inflammatory cell differentiation
  • Cytokines – multiplex technology
  • Transcription profiling
  • Full histo-pathology support (including IHC and special staining)
  • Hematology
  • Full service bioanalytical support
  • PK/PD modelling

In addition to our extensive range of therapeutic in-house experience, Envigo has collaborative agreements with external partners for in vivo lead optimization studies for CNS and oncology targets. We also welcome inquiries about bespoke model development where our expertise and facilities may be used to full advantage.

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