Exploratory toxicology

Choosing a lead compound from the pool of candidates does not need to be so time consuming or costly.  Whether you are in the exploratory candidate selection stage in pharmaceuticals or agrochemicals, efficient use of exploratory testing services can be your simple answer to a challenging decision.  At Envigo, we are here to collaborate with you and guide you through the most appropriate studies and study designs so that you can make informed decisions quickly and at reduced cost. We have experts in all necessary disciplines including regulatory affairs, and our experienced program managers offer you proactive guidance and dedicated responsiveness to support your candidate comparison program.

Envigo’s exploratory testing services include the following:

  • Screening versions of the Ames Test, in vitro micronucleus, mouse lymphoma assay, in vitro mammalian chromosome aberration test in human lymphocytes
  • in vitro skin and eye irritation/sensitization assays (BCOP, Episkin)
  • Cardiotoxicity liability testing in cardiac ion channels, including Herg assay
  • Biomarker assay development and qualification - safety and efficacy markers
  • Kinetics in human and animal hepatocytes
  • Single and repeat dose in vivo non-clinical pharmacokinetics
  • Bespoke early repeat dose toxicology studies up to two week duration in suitable species
  • Membrane permeability (CaCO-2 cells)
  • Metabolic stability in human liver microsomes or hepatocytes
  • CYP inhibition
  • Protein binding in human plasma

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