Exploratory development

You think you have a great new breakthrough drug candidate. But you would like a little more input from outside experts. Bring Envigo’s scientists in during the exploratory phase of your research and we can help you tease out whether to pursue the next step and how to get there.

Envigo offers our customers exploratory clinical development studies to help you bridge preclinical evaluation and the traditional phase I clinical trial. We have the experience and capability to support all aspects of a modified preclinical development package.

After all, while the promise of your next drug candidate may be uncertain, you want your CRO to be a sure thing.

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  • Investigation of pharmacological effect
  • Investigation of mechanism of action
  • Exploratory development studies

Envigo is home to a staff of experts in all the necessary disciplines for exploratory development of your promising drug candidate. Our staff includes biomarker experts with experience in developing biomarker assays, a regulatory affairs group providing advice and submission documentation, and experienced program managers to advise and manage your development program.

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