When it comes to putting your hard-won research to the test, you need a tried-and-true CRO. Envigo fits the bill. We are market leaders in immunogenicity assessment, with more than 100 biologics assessed. We have clocked more than 15 years of experience of utilizing biomarkers in clinical and non-clinical development that we can put to work for your program. Our drug development customers have access to our dedicated team of experimental biologists and to 30,000+ feet of purpose-built analytical laboratories.

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  • Assessment of drug safety and efficacy
  • Indicator of drug response
  • Selection of lead candidates for subsequent clinical evaluation
  • Confirmation of pharmacological activity and optimization of dose regimens
  • Biomarker utilization
  • Aid volunteer/patient inclusion in clinical studies
  • Aid clinical decision making (go/no go) in phase II
  • Support phase IV post approval surveillance
  • Patient stratification in clinical trials

Our Clinical and Translational Sciences group is a global resource with more than 100 experienced analytical scientists, many with experience in translating non-clinical biomarkers into clinical programs. Key members of our department are also active members in various industry committees and consensus reports.

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