You need a trusted partner that can handle a full complement of services from non-clinical development through clinical trial support. With Envigo, you enlist an ally that has over 35 years’ experience in successful bioanalytical support with vast experience in small molecules, peptides and biologics assay development, validation and analysis.

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We specialize in:

  • LC-MS/MS – recognized industry experts with dedicated specialists
  • Immunoassay – experts in conjugation and in developing novel immunoassays
  • Pharmacokinetics – experts in study design, management and data interpretation
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  • Small molecules and macromolecules
  • Expert bioanalytical support
  • Method validation to meet FDA guidelines
  • Sample analysis
  • Proven track record of supporting pre-clinical studies and large multi-center clinical programs
  • Fast accurate turn-around of the highest quality
  • Biomarkers

Envigo has unrivaled experience in support of biologic development. During the last ten years alone, the Envigo bioanalysis team has accomplished the following:

  • Validated more than 550 methods
  • Studied at least 400 different compounds
  • Supported more than 300 biological projects by immunoassay
  • Provided successful support for more than 250 preclinical development programs
  • Formed partnerships with over 200 different companies

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