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As one of the worlds most experienced preclinical contract research organizations, we have a long heritage of delivering nonclinical studies to help support your preclinical research.

Our network of scientific, technical, and regulatory experts will work with you to design an effective route through the preclinical phase and into clinical trials. From strategic long-term scientific partnerships, to complete IND/CTA enabling packages or single GLP toxicology studies, our experts are dedicated to ensuring your safety assessments are conducted in the most optimized manner.

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We offer a broad range of consultancy, data interpretation and practical preclinical testing support. With the nature of pharmaceuticals inherently unpredictable, our experts are also on hand to provide advice in the face of the unexpected. 

For 60 years our scientists have been creating meaningful research partnerships, aligned behind a common cause to become more than just partners – but trusted allies. That’s why when you partner with us, we do everything we can to help you secure your success by never losing sight of your goals, your challenges and your results. 

Click on the tab below to explore our range of pharmaceutical testing services, including our new PATHWAY solution, designed to enable your journey to clinical trials.

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Meet Dr Simon Moore, Director of Inhalation Science and Engineering and Toxicology Operations

Meet Vanessa Ross, Senior Study Manager

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