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Optimized non-clinical safety assessment solutions to enable first-in-human clinical trials

Preclinical research is a critical component which helps you assess the safety profile of your compound. Consisting of various preclinical studies, of which the data collected is compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards, the data supports your IND/CTA enabling package and is fundamental to securing regulatory approval to progress your drug into clinical trials.

We understand progressing preclinical testing demands consideration of many complex components. Combine this with the risky nature of the drug development process, the path to IND/CTA enabling can often present obstacles when you’re least expecting it.

Early planning of your IND/CTA enabling work with a preclinical CRO partner by your side will help you tackle hurdles in the face of the unforeseen, help you reach your preclinical research milestones, and progress into first in human trials in the most optimized way possible.

With a successful track record with global regulators and extensive experience of preclinical studies, we’re focused on delivering the right studies in the right species at the right time through our PATHWAY solution.

Overview of PATHWAY


What is PATHWAY?

PATHWAY provides integrated non-clinical studies, including GLP toxicology studies, as part of preclinical testing requirements. We combine project management, safety assessment for all therapeutic modalities, an in vivo and in vitro testing suite, complete bioanalytical services and global regulatory affairs expertise needed for successful IND/CTA enabling packages. 

Securing your success is important to us. That’s why you’ll benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help keep your preclinical development project on track and provide you with timely updates on the progress of your studies.

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