Residue analytical services

Your needs for the registration of your substances are fulfilled by our residue analytical services. These include analysis of crop residues, processed commodities, environmental fate, ecotoxicology, livestock feeding and operator exposure studies.

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  • Industry leading, multi-skilled scientific expertise with extensive experience of broad service offering
  • Method development, method transfer and method validation
  • Full range LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS instruments including Sciex API 6500
  • Dedicated sample preparation team using facilities fully equipped for high sample throughput
  • Independent laboratory validation
  • Mobile analytical support working on operator exposure studies
  • Experienced Study Directors and Principal Investigators
  • Fast turnaround of studies

Our team of 20 staff have industry leading experience within the residue analysis field. Four of our experts have a combined experience of over 100 years and lead the method development and problem solving performed by RAS at Envigo. The team is further compromised of experienced study management personnel (Study Directors and Principal Investigators) who work in conjunction with the dedicated sample preparation and scientific staff to provide a high quality and efficient service.

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Meet Hyacinth Chin Sue, Expert Consultant

Meet David Arrowsmith, Regulatory Specialist

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