Regulatory consulting

Our consultants have helped customers develop and defend safe and effective new plant protection products that have made a real difference to people’s lives around the world. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality consulting services to the crop protection industry developing and registering both chemical and biological based crop protection solutions for the global marketplace. On behalf of our customers Envigo has registered as many active substances and plant protection products as some of the largest global crop protection companies over the last 10 years. We have helped our customers satisfy regulations worldwide including those for the EU, EPA, JMAFF and OECD, so that means we can be with you in whichever geography you are looking to register your product. Envigo is a unique organization as it combines independent consultancy and renowned testing capacities all in one place and as such you will have access to unrivalled scientific and regulatory expertise to ensure all requirements are met for your crop protection submissions.

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  • Regulatory strategy 
  • Data gap reviews
  • Dossier preparation, submission and support
  • In silico assessments
  • Hazard, exposure and risk assessments, including both human and environmental
  • Discussion, liaison and negotiation with authorities
  • Independent expert waivers and position papers
  • Post-submission support

Envigo Consulting provides access to senior scientists with experience in the industry and across all scientific disciplines. We have consultants globally that speak the language, have a network of contacts in the authorities and understand the relevant legislative frameworks. They are uniquely positioned to assist you and meet the regulatory requirements for crop protection registrations in whichever market you need to register your plant protection product. Our objective is to help you see a return on your investment at the earliest opportunity.

Meet Hyacinth Chin Sue, Expert Consultant

Meet David Arrowsmith, Regulatory Specialist

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