Plant metabolism

At Envigo we have extensive experience in conducting radiolabelled studies in a wide range of plants and crops and can provide expert advice on study design and regulatory requirements. Our plant metabolism capabilities and testing services include:

  • Comprehensive range of plant metabolism studies
    • Metabolism in plants
    • Metabolism in rotational crops
  • Extensive range of plants and crops including
    • Cereals, pulses and oilseeds
    • Leafy crops, roots and tuber vegetables
    • Fruit crops
  • Capability for studies such as citrus, olive, apple and grape to be conducted via field co-operator in California, USA

Our Envigo facilities consist of glasshouses, outdoor enclosures and growth rooms including:

  • Aluminium framed glasshouses with a 30 m2 floor area and:
    • Computerized environmental control
    • LED top lighting
    • Heating up to 30°C above ambient
    • Horizontal shade screen
  • Outdoor enclosures with a 30 m2 floor area
  • Environmentally controlled rooms with LED lighting

To learn more or to make an enquiry please get in touch with one of our experts.

Meet Hyacinth Chin Sue, Expert Consultant

Meet David Arrowsmith, Regulatory Specialist

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